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A Glance at the History of the XPrit Hoverboard

Hoverboards have been around since at least 2005, but they are just now getting popular among younger audiences. It started as a video game but has evolved into a real physical product for both kids and adults. The device is operated via a handheld control similar to a remote control. The main advantage of using a hoverboard is that it is both fun and safe to use, making it a great gift idea for any child. Make sure you read more at Segways


Hoverboards have come a long way since their humble beginning. Back in 2005, a hoverboard was just a vision in a dream. But, today, Hoverboards are available in numerous designs and can be customized with various features. A self-balancing hoverboard is basically a self- balancing personal transporter made up of two independent wheels attached to a pair of flatly-mouthed plastic pads where the rider puts their feet.


One of the most popular hoverboards is the Skateboard X- Gehway NineBot. With a base price of just $250, the nanobot is definitely more affordable than the similarly styled Seiko HS Carry Glide. Yet, the best thing about this skateboard is that it is a real working model. Users can even pedal and steer it right on a sidewalk. This makes the nanobot truly a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment.


Another very popular hoverboards is the Tilt-inator hoverboard. While it does not have the self-balance technology like the Seiko HS Carry Glide or the nanobot, the Tilt-inator is actually based on the rider’s own body movements rather than his foot placement. This means that the rider is able to “tilt” the board by tilting up or down, or simply turning the balancing wheels. As you may have guessed, this type of hoverboard works with both self-balance and tilting, which add a whole new dimension to the sport.


There are several other styles of hoverboards on the market. However, the most popular and certainly the safest are the ones that come with safety gear and elbow pads. Injuries from hoverboards are downplayed compared to accidents on rollerblades and skateboards. Hoverboards are considered a low-risk form of personal transportation. They are low-powered, allowing riders to gain some speed, and they are not as stable as other forms of skateboarding.


The most recent hoverboard innovation to make headlines was the self-balancing skateboard. It features two wheels that are connected between the back of the rider and a small platform at the front. The deck has sensors that sense how fast the rider is gliding, so when he wants to go he lifts the board off the ground. Because it requires no feet, there is absolutely no risk of losing balance and falling off. Self-balacing hoverboards are not yet available, but they are expected to be a part of the next hoverboards available in the near future.


Self-balacing hoverboards are just one step up from the self-balanced scooters and hoverboards with foot packs. If a hoverboard has all of the features of a scooter, it is called a self-seat, scooter, or hovercraft. Currently, the best known models of self-seat hoverboards are the eZeego Opti-HS, the pod Walkera thrust Hoverboard and the Yamaha HOX. (They may also be called eZeego ride-on scooters and self-seat ride-on scooters.)


Self-balacing hoverboards look similar to the non-self- balancing scooters and hoverboards. They still have rechargeable lithium ion batteries, they are powered by the same method that electric bicycles use, and they are also fitted with on and off switches similar to electric bicycles. Although they do not have foot packs like their electric scooters and hoverboards, they have built in LED lighting. The LED light on the front of the board glows red when on, green when off, and amber when you press the switch on the back. You can add an extra sensor to the board to detect whether you are walking forward, backwards, or if you are jumping.

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