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Black Hat Vs White Hat Buy Backlinks Strategies

Buy Backlinks

Buy Backlinks is very popular among many SEO’s. However buying backlinks is banned in many cases by the search engines, and some even report spammers as traitors. So, is it legal to buy backlinks? How much should I pay for a backlink? Here is my quick guide on where to buy backlinks, what they are, and most importantly why you should.

Buy Backlinks

First things first. Before you decide to buy backlinks, it’s good to know that there are different types. You can buy from CPC (cost per click) sellers, or you can build your own links from scratch. I would recommend building your own links because of the long-term benefit, while at the same time it is easy to find cheap suppliers of them.

Should You Really Buy Backlinks?

Now that you know the different types, let’s look at how to use them. The first category is quality links – these are what you will ultimately use for getting back links back to your site. There are two major ways of getting backlinks from the search engines: Pay per click search results, and article submission. While article submission may sound like a lot of work, in truth it is very easy once you have an understanding of how the system works. This method of getting backlinks works very well for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Another category of where to buy backlinks is through external links. This is where you buy one link and potentially set up an entire network of them. These are less effective than pay per click search results, and more difficult to manage. External link buying can work for a long time if you have an understanding of how the process works, but new marketers usually go for the pay per click instead.

The most effective way of getting backlinks is by buying them using a system such as do-follow links or no-follow links. A do-follow link allows you to buy one link from a webmaster who has a high PR, much higher than yours. The do-follow link will stay on your site for as long as the webmaster wants it to, and you are able to increase your PR by having your links on other sites as well (though not necessarily directly). Basically, this means you can buy one backlink for every ten other links you have on other sites. As you can see, this is much easier to manage than paying for one backlink from a webmaster with low PR, which would be impossible to keep track of.

Finally, some marketers choose to go for high-quality backlinks rather than quantity. They use their own private lists of high-quality webmasters who are willing to offer links, or they go for purchasing individuals’ backlinks, which is sometimes possible through freelance services. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which one is best for you. In my opinion, paying for real high-quality backlinks from real webmasters is by far the best method. The quality of the link is much more important than the number, since the number of backlinks you buy will only reflect the quality of the links, and not the number of links you bought.

Once you have decided what backlinking strategy you want to use, the next step is choosing the right niche or topic for your site. You need to find niches that have high search engines, but low competition. For example, you could buy back links from authority websites that have high search engine rankings, but are not very popular with visitors. However, you have to bear in mind that you are competing against authority websites, and if you cannot beat them in search engines, your website will never be noticed by potential customers. So, do your research, find a good niche, and start looking for websites that offer backlinking strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

There are many ways to make money with black hat seo and there are many ways to make money with white hat SEO. However, whichever way you decide to go with it, make sure that you choose reputable websites that offer reliable backlinking services. With the right amount of effort and patience, you can successfully earn some money with these strategies, and the better Black Hat SEO websites will help you get the results you are after.

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