Author Topic: What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Congressional Harassment?  (Read 309 times)

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    • What Rules Exists To Protect A President From Potential Congressional.
To be the President of a big country like USA or Russia is very hard. But it is a very honourable and respectful position. You are responsible for the lives and well-being of millions people. The whole world knows you and your words worth their weight in gold. The media quotes you and people talk over you. But what if you are responsible for the whole web-humanity? The number of people using internet today is over 1.5 billion people. Everyone of them can vote for you and make you the President of Internet. This post supposes you to represent the whole internet community everywhere you go. You can be invited on TV and to conferences, meetings, summits with presidents and ministers etc. You can go around the world with your own message. And it`s up to you to decide what kind of message you deliver. The work of President is very hard, but interesting.
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