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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – Easy Access to Medical Marijuana in Your Home State

420 doctors

Medical marijuana card – get your card today!” says the green text on the screen. With a few clicks, I’m securely logging onto the Internet and quickly finding information on my Medical Marijuana Card through 420 doctors. In just a few minutes I’m scheduled for a short consultation to decide if I want to start legally purchasing medical marijuana.

It takes just a few minutes to complete my medical marijuana recommendation via email, but I feel like I’ve been put on a waiting list for weeks. My doctor has recommended that I start taking a medication called Marinol. My insurance company wants me to take a pill at the recommended dosage every day. I really don’t want to deal with this chemical at all. I want to be able to go outside and enjoy the sun without having to worry about getting stung by moths.

So when I get the email from the doctor recommending a new medication, I quickly check out the site his sends me. It’s very professional and the forms are laid out clearly. I also like to see recommendations from other patients like me, and clearly the site respects their privacy as much as they possibly can. When I get to the site, I fill out the short form that asks a few questions about my personal history and what I am seeking.

Next, I choose my doctor, click on the links that lead to a brief description of my symptoms, and click “buy now.” I’m given the option of selecting from three different companies that sell the drug for medical marijuana: offline pharmacies, online pharmacies, and state-licensed retailers. After a couple minutes, I’m scheduled for a free, no-obligation, up-to-date medical marijuana 420 evaluation. I make my selection, pay and wait for the results.

A couple hours later, I get a call from one of the state program directors. I was told that my local district office doesn’t have the information I need, so they’re making the request for me. I guess this explains why my local pharmacy doesn’t have the same recommendations as the online sites. The state program directors know who to recommend to me, because I am a member. They also know how skeptical I am likely to be about the medicinal benefits, but they want me to see it because I am a resident of the state.

Once I have all the information that I need, I go back to the online site to review the recommendations of the online medical marijuana growers, processors that are part of the HIPAA-compliant program. Most of the sites recommend that I start smoking within six months, while some say it should be as short as three weeks. I also need to find out about how much I am allowed to smoke per day. Two ounces is the recommended amount, but I am told that I can smoke up to six ounces. It doesn’t take long to decide whether I want to try this new medication.

One of the most difficult parts of getting my recommendation is finding a company in my area that is actually doing the work. In my area, there are only a couple of dozen companies involved in growing marijuana for medical purposes. However, I’ve found that there are many companies that are more reputable than the handful I found. Many of the weed companies I’ve worked with have been licensed by the state to do business in my home state. This means that the marijuana is obtained through state-regulated laboratories and that the companies follow strict guidelines for producing their product.

Once I have found a company that meets all my requirements, I simply need to visit the company’s website and fill out my form. After that, I will receive a tracking number, which will allow me to track my shipment and see when my medicine will arrive at my front door. With a little research and easy access to information, I will be able to purchase my favorite medical purposes of cannabis from the comfort of my own home.

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