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Personalized Bar Mats Are The Crowning Glory To Any Man Cave

Any man that has his own man cave should consider himself privileged – but regardless of how privileged he may be, there is one thing his man cave probably doesn’t feature – his own personalized bar mats!

It seems bazaar that an inexpensive item like a personalized bar mat is missing – it’s obviously not the cost – it’s just a common oversight that most men make when they are planning their dream retreat.

man cave furniture

So if you are looking for a unique gift idea for the man who has everything, you could do far worse than making him a custom personalized bar mat. Let’s step back for a minute. Consider what makes his man cave such a special place. To purchase¬†man cave furniture and man cave stuff in the UK follow the link provided.

It may have a sports theme to it – Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccer; or maybe it has a hobby theme such as golf, fishing or bowling – whatever the theme, you can guarantee it is something he enjoys – so if you are going to create a custom bar mat, you already know what to personalize it with.

Although there are probably a few out there somewhere, it is hard to imagine a man cave without a bar, so you can be really confident that a customized bar mat will nearly always have the perfect home ready and waiting for it.

So in addition to the bar, his man cave may have a card or pool table, no doubt a big screen TV and a luscious reclining sofa to lounge back in while he’s watching it, probably a computer games console, maybe a juke box, a karaoke system and for the really spoiled ones, his own bowling alley!

Getting back to the bar mats, regardless of what you are going to personalize them with, there is one thing you should always include – his name.

For example: Dave’s Man Cave – Barry’s Bar – Ronny’s Retreat – Den’s Den – Charlie’s Corner

You get my drift, customizing it with his name identifies it as an integral part of his special room.

If his man cave has a distinct theme, as mentioned earlier, the best thing to do is follow that theme as closely as you can.

For example, if his theme centers around a particular sport, use photos of that sport to customize the bar mat; if the theme is a specific team within a particular sport, then it becomes almost a necessity to design it using images focused on that team – you do this and he will love you for it!

If the theme of his cave is based on a hobby, your goal should be to get your hands on photos of him participating – for example, if he’s a fisherman, a photo of him holding up a big fish; if he’s a bowler, a photo of him celebrating after bowling a strike; if he’s a golfer, maybe a photo of him in mid swing or a picture of him on the putting green.

By customizing the bar mat with something he loves, you are almost assured of him viewing it as one of the best gift ideas he has ever come across, and that, after all, is your goal.

If his room does not have a theme you are looking at a green field site, in other words you can create any custom design you like – humorous, rude, cars, family members or anything else you can think of. Custom bar mats can be personalized with any photos, designs, logos and text you choose, but it’s always worth remembering that the best design ideas will always be related to something that’s close to his heart, whatever that might be?

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